Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taste of truth


“We all told you again and again to forget about Kankana and propose her but you were smitten by Kankana, to you she was the ultimate stunner. A woman dreamt about by every one. You were so blind that you could not see that she was not dreamt about; she was lusted after by men, that too because of her coquettishness. Now, when she has ditched you, you want to go back to Ratri.”

“We told you again and again that she was not the type to be content with one man.”

“When we told you that she will marry a clumsy man like you either for your wallet or for social security you thought we were jealous of her. She is so gorgeous that your own mother and sister is jealous of her and wants you to marry a dull creature.”

You went ahead on your own, made your separate accommodation because mom refused to allow her in home.”

“Before you could realize what she is you became father. She stayed at home only when her physical condition did not allow her to go out.”

“Within two years of marriage she resumed her old life style, leaving Paula with ayah.”

“Initially you accompanied her to her parties and get-togethers, but soon you got tired of late night parties every alternate day. You started to make excuses for not going and gallantly gave her freedom to enjoy herself.”

“Never even thinking that if she loved you two she would have spent nights or evenings at home with you two, not in some discotheque or hotel.”

“Now when her real colours are showing out you want to divorce her and marry Ratri.”

“You invited your own destruction, even though you were warned again and again by everyone, your friends, family and well wishers.”

“Why do you think that people think again and again before marrying? Any way, I can only understand one thing, that is, you are a horribly bad judge of human beings.”

“Ratri, as far as I know is in love with someone. She has showed me her photo too. He is not yet ready to settle down, the love is one sided again. I hope that it works out for her this time.”


“There is the problem.” Akash said.

“The person she thinks she is in love with is married. It’s all Kankana’s game. She used a man’s photo and help of one of her boyfriends to spy on Ratri and keep her away from me. She knew that Ratri loved me a lot and may not mind marrying me if I divorce Kankana.”

“I have checked her cell-phone messages.”

“The photograph she used was of her married cousins, she fooled him into believing that Ratri is having an affair with me. He met her, the game was blown, and he gave her a piece of mind then left for Australia, where he lives. He does not even have a clue of what is going on here.”

“Kankana usually exchanges smses with Ratri, and when she calls she gives the phone to her boyfriend who is also her colleague. She has convinced this idiot too that Ratri is having an affair with me and she wants his help to catch her red handed.”

“I believe men are really idiots when it comes to judging us women.” Chandra said ruefully.

“We can so easily make a dumb fool of you men, have been doing it for centuries, yet you keep on repeating yourselves.”

“You leave decent girls and hound women who will use and throw you away. Then you complain and whine. Sometimes they are too smart but mostly they are too coquettish. You are not outwitted by them; you are simply seduced by them.”

“And when you get a decent woman in your life you get bored by her simplicity.”

“Whereas look at us women. We always settle down with decent men. Not only that, the greatest flirts always hand-pick the most virtuous men, trap them, marry them and then ruin them.”

“I think you men should sometimes apply your brains, or marry late, really late when no one will be able to seduce you into a marriage.”

“I really pity you, no sympathy though. Because you were warned one too many times.”

“But after knowing the whole story you have my moral supports. If you want to divorce Kankana you can. But will Ratri marry you? I have doubts.”

“Any way, whatever you do, you should do after thinking thoroughly. And if you approach Ratri, then do it with decency. First divorce Kankana and then propose her. As for Kankana, I think you will be better off without her in your life.”


“Sometimes we make mistake, we pick up the worst specimens in this world as spouses but that does not means we have to drag them along for the rest of our life.”

“People like us marry for a lifetime but that does not means we will let others take advantage of that mindset. You should act a little dignifiedly and gather evidences of her way of life sue her and divorce her.”

“If she tricks the judge into believing that she will mend her ways… well, you know, the judge will ask you to forgive and accept her for the sake of Paula.”

“But if you gather evidences of what she has been doing with Ratri that may give the judge a clearer insight of her nature.”

“With her true nature exposed it may get easier for you to divorce her. Because you never had any thing to do with Ratri. Nothing at all. Even then, you know how seriously marriage is treated in India and with a child….”

“But you can do one thing, stop acting as her bank. Stop giving her money to indulge in her promiscuous activities.”

“You know big brother, sometimes we ignore truth shoved on our faces. You ignored one too many of them and unfortunately you realized truth after marriage. Your case somehow reminds me about Of Human Bondage by Maugham; there the hero was saved because Mildred did not want to marry him. Had a bit of conscience I guess the thing which Kankana lacked.”

“I don’t know how you will come out of this mess, but if you do and marry Ratri or some other decent girl I will be really happy.”

“When we are in love, we should go by our heart and soul but we should not be deaf to the suggestions of others.”

“When we are taking the most important decision of our life, we should always assess all the aspects. The opinions of others, the facts, every thing. Or else we will end up bitter and remorseful.”

“Finally it should be our own decision but that should not be a blind decision, instead of that, it should be a well thought decision.”

“A decision taken in very clear light and with the strength of taking the consequences thereof.”

“This is very, very bitter in your case!”


“I think you should take a second attempt of living like a human being. You are yet to cross your forties and your future seems bleak.”

“Just think, what if she does not changes? What will happen to Paula when she grows up a little more?”

“Shake away your timidity and confront her, talk with her and tell her what you want from your wife.”

“Timidity won’t work with her.”

“A woman who can deliberately trap a man to marry him will chew him alive if she sniffs the least timidity.”

“Treat her like you will treat a wild cat.”

“Cats know only one thing, their own pleasure and comfort. They won’t mind deserting their own kittens if they are too much for them.”

“They wont mind stealing, killing or clawing the rightful owner of their food.”

“So handle her with an iron glove.”

“Best of luck is all I can say to you.”

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